We own and operate several wooden Victorian style hand carts from which we sell freshly spun candy floss and just cooked sweet caramel popcorn.

Only the best ingredients are used.

Our candy floss is made from granulated sugar and all colourings are American - the artificial additives are nominal compared to other (U.K.) varieties...thus kinder to children's sensitivities.

The caramel flavourings used for our popcorn are a blend of natural sugars, which Jo keeps the combination of a closely guarded secret!!.

If requested, we can gladly pop salted corn too. Also, if there is an established high attendance we can supply home made toffee apples...but due to the labour intensive individual dipping of each apple, we normally reserve this speciality for the autumn bonfire season.


We have just purchased a European Pancake griddle, (the type seen in the Benelux region) and are adding it to our cart presentation.

Jo and I have made the unusual decision to not include photographs of this new supply - this is due to educating our imitators, yet again (as per candy floss carts). However we do offer a description; The pancakes are small and resemble sweet but soft flat Yorkshire Puddings (sort of!). We are going to offer 8± in a tray, dusted with icing sugar as a commercial serving. 

Please don't be put off either by the thought of deep fat frying odours (or like) as the cooking method is with only a smear of butter as a non stick precaution.

The supply of this presentation is intended to pair with the attendance of a candy floss cart - where one will compliment the other.


Fairs; Fetes; Corporate events; Private parties; Carnivals et al ..

Should you wish for kiddies attractions to attend your event(s) but are hesitant to make contact with yet another unknown supplier ... LOOK NO FURTHER.

Inspired by this site's enquiries, Gary has decided to start a solo business, www.themaynefunfairsupplier.co.uk He is able to supply a plethora of funfair attractions for any occasion.

The 'small family' policy that is behind this site has been embraced by Gary's company, for he also prefers to include family members and friends. So whether you:

  • Know your requirements and need booking info.
  • Would like to mull over your ideas, from scratch maybe?
  • Need particular advice on suitable equipment.

Or for anything else you can think of, please feel free to visit here.


We are pleased to list a link to another presentation, The Real Chocolate Fountain Co., the supply of which is solely administered by Jo(Anna).

If you are planning a weekday event, whether social, commercial or private please do check this site out. To limit overheads, no advertising campaign is in place - only approved links. This enables competitive quotes, without a service compromise.

Not all dates are open as priority bookings (especially weekends) are allotted to Candy Floss Carts, but please don't let this put you off initial contact!

The fountain is American made, the highest model and P.A.T. tested. Fresh fruit dips are bought the day previous to an engagement and prepared as late as time will permit - for optimum freshness.

Feel free to drop by www.dipit.co.uk